Journey Back Into the Light

Meditation Rock

Most of us experience times when we feel hopeless, trapped in situations, or lost on our life paths. The current turbulent world climate has many of us in a state of energetic flux. When we feel our life is on the rocks, we all could use some extra help and spiritual healing to get us through tough times. The starting point on our life journey back into the light is within each of us. It begins by a self-realization that we are exactly where we are supposed to be.

Forest through the trees

Sometimes being on the rocks is a good thing. Being in a difficult situation can give us a needed kick in our complacency. It’s life’s way of keeping us motivated to keep reaching up when we are down. It’s all part of a bigger plan. You just have to be able to see the forest through the trees.

Energetic Turbulence

Many people are asking me, why are we hitting so much life-path turbulence lately? Clients report being anxious, depressed or feeling disconnected from friends, family and life. Many people who are “light workers” (spiritual and energy healers) have reported feeling overwhelmed and drained themselves. This zeitgeist has also pushed me to do an energy reset, reconnecting with my own guides for answers.

Connecting Up

I had the opportunity last week to spend a few days recharging in Cape May, New Jersey, one of the country’s high energy spots. By “high energy” I don’t mean it’s a partying epicenter, although a lot of people were enjoying the July 4th holiday week!

I consider Cape May to be the East Coast version of Sedona, Arizona. Same rejuvenating energy, just a lot wetter! When I come to Cape May to recharge, one of the first places I go to is the ocean. The salt water and salt air act like a giant washcloth for dirty, heavy energy that we all accumulate. After I feel grounded and free of most of the negative energy, I move to level two. It’s a secret spot I have been going to since I was a kid, at the far point of a jetty on the bay side of Cape May to a collection of giant bounders and rocks at the end. One large flat rock is my go-to meditation spot. I actually named this ancient granite behemoth, Meditation Rock.

The JettySurrounded by water on three sides, with a nature-inspired painted sky above me, I took to the meditation airwaves. I reached out to my friends on the Other Side, my higher guides, and asked the question of why so many of us are going through such energy upheavals. The answer was a bit of “seeing the forest through the trees.” If we truly believe there is more to life than what we see around us, then there is a much bigger picture with orchestrated themes and lessons.

The School of Life doesn’t break for Summer

On a soul level, we’re here to learn. I also like to think we’re here to enjoy good times and life experiences with other souls. Somewhere between incarnating back to the Earth and growing up in the physical world, we naturally disconnect from our higher selves and soul purpose and become more and more part of the emotional and physical world. It’s OK, that’s what is supposed to happen when a soul comes back. If we retained all of our higher knowledge, life wouldn’t be as spontaneous and exciting. If we remembered everything we have learned as a soul, we would probably opt out from a lot of activities and things that each lifetime has to offer, proclaiming something like, “Oh, yeah, I learned that one already, I’ll skip that experience. What’s next?” We would become bored with life, quickly.

As enlightened as we think we are, we are still kids in a classroom. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive to reach higher wisdom and knowledge, it just means that there are times, like now, that we will be experiencing high emotions and sometimes negative energies, and it’s all part of the package. Before we start calling out others about their behavior, we should first ask ourselves, “What am I supposed to be learning from this?” The lesson may be as general as how not to become entangled in anger or fear or how to stay positive in a bad situation. Sometimes lessons restate things for us that we already know like being thankful of the good things we do have. The lessons will vary with each individual.

Summer FlowersFor example, fear seems to be a popular theme with many of us these days and it is one of the toughest things to overcome because being afraid is so habit forming. Fear of the unknown, fear of what might go wrong or just free-floating anxiety. We start to go through life thinking about what might or what could happen, and those fears start to take hold of us and keep us from living. Some people see beautiful flowers, while others focus on that one bee on those same flowers that “may” sting us if we get too close. Ask yourself, “Do I see the flowers, or the bee?” Hopefully you are seeing both in unison.

As with other life lessons, only through some soul introspection can we become more self aware of who we are, and who we really want to be. In the case of lessons involving fears, the lesson is usually learned by confronting our fears and putting them into perspective, rather than blowing them out of proportion and allowing fear to control us. Doing this, we can take back our power in situations where we feel afraid or helpless.

Each lesson is tailor-made to fit the individual in need of help. The key to all this is being able to determine what each of us are supposed to be learning from our experiences. I often tell people, don’t pray for solutions to problems, ask what the lesson is, so you can learn how to deal with that particular problem and don’t have to keep repeating the lesson!

Some life learning lessons are really, really difficult, and my intent is not to trivialize anyone’s situation. What I hope my words here can do is to help you refocus and harness your positive energy reserves. We all have them. They are soul deep.

When I asked my guides why so many light workers and spiritual people were feeling so drained, the answer that came back was, “It’s all about perspective.”

From a higher perspective, we all come and we all go. Being born and dying are only small parts of the visit. A lifetime is just one small stretch of a soul’s overall journey. Every generation sees highs and lows. This is life. Seeing life from our earthly-point-of-view, as a single physical life form with a finite beginning and end, is shortsighted. Change your perspective. We are much more than what we think we are. Re-imagine yourself as a higher soul who intentionally goes “back to school” to grow. Try to allow this bigger picture to help get you through difficult life situations. Remember that these same situations can help motivate us to adapt to challenges and better ourselves by being stronger and more well prepared for things in life to come.

Journey Back into the Light

Life Path

Heading back into the light doesn’t always mean crossing over in death, it can also mean reconnecting with higher guides and reconnecting with your higher self. If that sounds unreachable, don’t worry. We are not in this alone. Souls are put in our path to help us and souls are also put in our paths’ who need our help. Recognize you are not going through this journey by yourself. Find a soulmate to help you or help a soulmate who you think may be in need of help. The journey back into the light does not have to be a solo trip!

We all have different likes and dislikes, but we are all souls sharing the same rock. That’s what makes the world unique. If you look around you, you will see a lot of good people. Don’t let a few bad players ruin the energy. They are on their own life learning paths as well and may just be there to help you to attune to a higher level of thinking. If we each keep refocusing on the positive things and trying to do what we feel is best for all of us sharing this rock we call Earth, that positive energy will have an amazing, contagious, healing effect. This method of thinking may not bring world peace, but it may just bring you inner peace, which is just as important on a soul level.

My dad used to say, “This too shall pass.” Stay positive. Hug someone you love. Reconnect with someone you miss. Appreciate something or someone around you. Learn that pesky life lesson and move forward to the next. Life goes by too quickly not to savor every moment.