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The Man Behind the Medium

Craig McManus

Craig McManus has been working as a medium since the 1990s, channeling for clients around the world. His lifelong fascination with ghosts has also lead him to a career as a prolific author about ghosts and hauntings.

In his early twenties, Craig experienced a psychic awakening. Thinking of someone he had not seen in some time, that same person would soon emerge in the place where he was working, or be seen later that day on the street. Dreams of places and events would suddenly become reality in the next day, week or month. These precognitive episodes began slowly at first, and then their frequency began to increase. Craig soon realized he was experiencing something extraordinary. It was as if someone had thrown a “switch” and activated latent psychic ability within him. In later years, Craig discovered this ability ran down both family lines. He was amazed no one in his family had ever discussed the topic, but was also relieved to know others shared his experiences.

It took years for Craig to understand how to use his gift correctly. He was both a psychic who could sense energies and a medium who could communicate with spirits from Heaven. After working many years in a full-time day job, and channeling for clients at night, Craig realized his true calling in life was to use his abilities as a medium to help people. He left his full-time career in the wine industry to focus exclusively on channeling and writing.

Today, Craig McManus is a well-known Medium and the author of five books. As a Medium, he does both private and group sessions with clients in their homes.

Check out this segment on the TODAY SHOW to see how Craig uses his gift to help others connect with spirit and learn about their own abilities.

While Craig currently resides in Bergen County, New Jersey, he considers Cape May his second home, visiting there often to write, lecture, and host special events. McManus says, “When I lecture about ghosts and hauntings, there is no better ‘classroom’ than Cape May; New Jersey’s oldest seaside resort represents every type of haunting imaginable and my ‘students’ get to experience it up close and paranormal!” Cape May has a very special, positive energy, according to Craig, a reason why he also hosts many channeling events here throughout the year.

Craig has been featured in the New York Daily News, the New York Times, the Philly Inquirer, the Press of Atlantic City, the Star Ledger, NJ.com, The Record, (201) Magazine, New Jersey Monthly and Martha Stewart Living Magazine. He has also appeared on various television segments including the Haunted Towns series on Destination America, and the TODAY Show.

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