A Locked Bathroom Door is No Match for a Determined Mother

Moms in spirit have a way of keeping in touch, even if it means showing up at the most inopportune times. They are always around in spirit, expected or not. My mom passed in May of 2010, just after Mother’s Day. There usually isn’t a day that goes by without something reminding me of her or how much I take after her in different aspects of my life. Mother’s Day is not a sad day for me, because I know moms are always around in spirit, but the annual holiday does present a certain sense of emptiness.

Each year, since I was young, I would make or buy some form of Mother’s Day present. Today, many of those tchotchkes are still lingering around my home, the nicer ones on display, the tackier ones packed away in boxes somewhere. I often wonder what I was thinking when I bought a few of these Mother’s Day gifts! My mother, like all moms, never once showed any disappointment when unwrapping or receiving her gifts. She was delighted each time, even though I know she must have been thinking, “Not another collector’s plate!”

I miss Mom all the time, and often wonder if she’s around. Contrary to what people may think, mediums have a very difficult time reading themselves. I do sense my parents around from time to time, but they are not constantly parked in my living room.

When I don’t sense my mom around, I try to think about what she is doing in Heaven. I know she’s busy. She loved people and places. She’s now with my dad, her parents, her brother, her grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles and friends. Most of the people Mom used to gab to for hours on the phone are now on the Other Side. She must be living it up, so I don’t blame her for not always letting me know she’s around.

I woke up this morning, Mother’s Day, and realized the rain they had predicted had changed to blue sky and sunshine. I looked out the window and saw the azalea bush blooming. Azalea bushes were another favorite Mother’s Day gift of Mom’s, and she loved receiving them and planting them around the patio. I decided I better get some work done in the yard, in honor of my mom, and her mom, who loved to work outside. Getting ready, I found myself daydreaming of my mom while I was shaving. The memories were so thick, I did not even remember I was shaving. Luckily I was using an electric shaver, it could have been dangerous with a straight edge razor!

I suddenly felt a change of energy around me. It was a spirit visiting. I thought, this is just like my mother, always having to go to the bathroom while I was in the shower (we only had one bathroom growing up) and forcing the lock open with a knife, telling me, “Don’t come out, I have to go to the bathroom!”

Luckily this time, I was still partially dressed. I sent out a thought saying “Mom is that you?” The return was not what I expected.

“Linda?” a spirit replied in my mind.

“Who’s Linda, I thought?” Did a neighbor’s dead mother have the wrong address?

“I am obviously NOT Linda,” I replied, moving on to flossing. After a short pause, I heard the voice in my head again, this time a little louder.

“Lisa!” it called. OK, now I was getting annoyed. I often tell spirits I do not know, who decide to drop in without warning, that Sunday is my day off and I am NOT working. The voice repeated “Linda and Lisa” over again. I started thinking about neighbors names. No Linda, No Lisa. Then the woman’s face came into my mind. I thought she looked familiar, but could not immediately place her. Then it dawned on me. She was a lady I had done a session for who had recently died! According to her family, she had looking forward to another session so she could contact her late husband, but she unexpectedly passed before that session happened, but her children kept the appointment. Linda and Lisa were two of her daughters in attendance that evening. I stopped flossing and told the spirit, “Linda and Lisa are not here, this is my bathroom and it’s Sunday.”

“I know,” came in response, “but it’s Mother’s Day,” she continued. Then she pulled away, leaving me to resume my dental hygiene.

I couldn’t figure out why this determined mom wanted to contact me so badly. I have channeled a lot of moms in spirit over the years. Why her? Later, I started hearing her talking to a man named Bob, and remembered her husband was quite a character during the last session. Was Bob in my house as well? Did Bob drive her from heaven to my house, just to allow his wife to get a message back to her daughters for Mother’s Day? They couldn’t wait until the next channeling session? There was no other verbal message with the visit, just a feeling of love.

After the woman’s spirit left, I felt the coast was clear and I hopped into the shower.

It was not long before I sensed another spirit. It’s my mom, I thought, she heard me thinking about her barging in when I am in the shower, and she just couldn’t resist sticking it to me. It wasn’t my mom this time either. It was my friend Judi’s mom, Eugenia, a dear friend who had died a few years ago. Now what was SHE doing in my bathroom?

Whereas the first mom left, allowing me my privacy, Eugenia, in her typical bossy, fun manner, refused to leave. “Why don’t you call Judi? Let’s go out to eat!”
No, I told her, I am off today and have yard work to do. I will text Judi and tell her you were here. We are NOT going out to eat. I felt a sudden HUFF of energy. Typical for my friend Eugenia when she did not get her way (she once lightly stuck a fork into my hand at a restaurant, when I wouldn’t refill her wine glass!)
As I was shampooing my hair, I just had the feeling she was going to poke me through the shower curtain. I knew that would be a feat for even a strong-willed spirit like Eugenia. As I was washing the soap out of my hair, I realized nothing happened. Then I thought, I must have just been daydreaming about her, she wasn’t really in my bathroom. That’s when the bar of soap flipped itself out of the high soap dish and fell squarely on my big toe, in the most painful trajectory it could. Yup, Eugenia was in my bathroom alright, and she put her foot down right on mine, via a large, hard bar of soap. ”Go hang out with Judi!” I exclaimed.
Suddenly an image popped into my head of a crowd of mothers in spirit heading in my direction. It was like I was a big department store and someone was flashing a “50% OFF!” sign above my shower.

“STOP!” I yelled in my head. “I am off today, but where is MY mother?” I thought aloud.

As I was drying off, I wondered what happened to my mom. She was just missing. I figured she was visiting one of her other kids or the grand kids or new great grand kids that have recently arrived. Oh well, I thought, she’ll be around eventually.

Cosmic Airmail

A loud chirping caught my attention. It was a mother sparrow outside my bathroom window, on the roof of the extension on the back of the house. The noisy little bird and her mate had built a nest in my dryer vent recently and we (the two birds and I) have been in discussion all week about when it will be removed. I told them, once the kids are hatched and out of the nest, the nest goes. At that moment the mother bird was chirping louder than ever. I looked out the window and she was now perched on her favorite branch, looking at me, looking at her. Something just delivered some cosmic mail (or in this case Cosmic Airmail) and I understood the message: Moms are never far away, they are always watching over us, here and from the Other Side. A mother’s bond doesn’t diminish with death, it is just as strong in spirit. While I was hoping to sense my mom, I had received an even clearer sign from Heaven.

I figure Mom will show up eventually today. I know she wouldn’t miss a Mother’s Day visit. For those of you whose moms are still living, be thankful. Visit them, call them, buy them a wonderful (or tacky) gift, and just enjoy every moment you have on this earth with them. For those who are missing their moms today, know that you can talk to them, and they get the messages. If they’re not around in spirit don’t worry, Heaven has an answering service. Your love and messages will find them, and their love and messages (and signs) will find you. I just wish my friend Eugenia and the other moms had waited until I was showered, dressed and having lunch before they popped in. Being a medium is sometimes a 24/7 occupation.

Happy Mother’s Day to Moms Everywhere!