Signs from Heaven

Everyone has an open line to spirit, we all just have to understand that communications between the living and those on the Other Side can be either obvious or subtle. A channeling session is not the only time spirits of loved ones are present. Spirits are around you every day. Sometimes our loved ones in spirit decide we need a few signs from Heaven to help us keep the faith and know that they are still with us. Don’t miss them.

Loved ones in spirit are able to communicate with us, but they typically choose to be discreet, almost to the point of a sign being easily overlooked. The key is to stay open-minded and aware. Spirits don’t always send signs on command, but they will let you know they are around, if they think it will help you on your life path.

While many clients experience signs in the form of objects or animals (birds, butterflies, deer) I also hear from clients that say they ask for signs, but receive none. Those expecting a full body apparition of a loved one to appear on command will likely have their hopes dashed quickly.

From what I have learned through channeling, we are supposed to move on and begin a healing process when we lose someone close to us. Having them pop right back does not help us learn how to survive and move on without them. This kind of spirit intervention might cause one to continue grieving and never accept that people die and life must go on. This, I believe, is why spirit signs are often subtle, leaving a person wondering if they are experiencing or imagining signs from Heaven.

I have seen some pretty amazing signs myself, in channeling sessions and in my personal life. During one session, a woman had told me she lost everyone, her parents, husband, siblings and children. She had no surviving family and wondered why she was left behind. A vision of a red bird popped into my head. Cardinals are often used as spirit signs because of their bright red color. Not that all cardinals are signs, but when one appears at the moment a loved one is being spoken of or thought about, it could very well be a “Hey I’m right here!” moment from spirit. In this woman’s case, the mention of possible signs was not enough to lift her spirits. She needed more.

Luckily, the spirits did a little heavy lifting of their own that day. Within a minute, the group heard a loud tapping at the window near us. To our amazement, a house finch with a red breast was hovering by the window, continuously tapping on the glass. It had not done this before I mentioned the red bird sign. The little bird just didn’t give up. The tapping went on for several minutes. It left and returned once more, as if to say “don’t give up, we’re still here with you!” The woman’s energy rose to the occasion. It was just the help she needed at exactly the right time.

Finding dimes, pennies or quarters in plain sight in places that were previously coin-free a few moments earlier is another common sign from spirit. “Pennies from Heaven” seems to be something that many people experience. One of the more amusing stories I heard from a client was how she knew the source of the ethereal coins she found. If the coins were heads up, she knew they were from her parents, if the coins were tails up, she would leave them as she felt they were bad luck and knew they were from her ex-in-laws who she said were also bad luck! I told her, “Forgive and forget.” She replied, “Forget it!” I assume she will not be speaking to her ex-in-laws when she arrives in Heaven either.

For many years I only channeled for clients via the telephone. I had a full-time job and worked as a medium after hours. One of my clients lamented her father was never around. She couldn’t sense his presence. I told her that signs from spirit come in many ways, but apparently her psychic mailbox had been empty for a long time. Toward the end of the session, her father said he was there, always with her. His words seemed not to comfort her. An image of a frog popped into my head. I assumed this was the sign she was looking for. Nope. She knew nothing about a frog; never owned a frog, no frog toys as a kid, no frog-themed anything that would remind her of her dad.

“It’s him,” I told her. That’s the sign. The silence was deafening and I decided to send the frog image hopping back into the afterlife.

We concluded our call and about an hour later, about quarter to midnight, the office phone started to ring. Who would be calling me at that hour? I walked downstairs to hear my client’s voice yelling excitedly over the answering machine. I picked up the phone and she told me what happened. After our session, she cleaned up the dinner dishes and went out on the front stoop to have a cigarette. When she opened the door, there on the stoop was a giant bullfrog!

My client went on to tell me that she does not live near water, and in 30 years of being in her condo, she had never noticed any frogs. I asked her what she did. She told me she said, “Dad?” The frog then hopped away. Message delivered.

One of my former salesmen who used to call on the business where I worked was intrigued by all things metaphysical. He often told me about various signs he would get from late relatives and in-laws. His signs came in some very interesting ways, like thinking of someone and seeing their name or initials on a license plate shortly after.

Driving home from work, I was musing in my mind that I had rarely sensed my paternal grandmother around in spirit. I never knew my grandfathers, and my mother’s mother had died when I was about six. My Nana Dua (she was born in Sweden) was the grandparent that I knew the best. I called out to her, while I was driving on the highway, if she could hear me to send me a sign on a license plate on the way home. Within 30 seconds a car passed me on the left and pulled in front of me with the first half of the license plate letters being DUA. Who knew she was in the car with me at that moment? It was a wonderful sign, and also reminds us, never speak ill of the dead, you never know when they are listening!

Spirit signs come in all shapes and forms, from finding coins where none had been earlier (pennies from Heaven) to experiencing something so coincidental, it would almost be impossible for it not to be a sign (a frog on the doorstep.) The important thing to remember is don’t become addicted to signs from spirit. I have seen people become obsessed with looking for signs to the point where they become distracted from the real reason we are all here, to live and learn. It’s OK to miss those who have passed, but Heaven is not a vending machine. Signs are not produced on demand to keep us happy.

Happiness needs to be generated within each of us. Know that your loved ones have not forgotten about you and they want you to keep on enjoying life while you are here. And for Heaven’s sake (and yours) don’t start seeing everything as a sign! If Sigmund Freud had ever started working as a medium, he probably would have said, “Sometimes a cardinal is just a cardinal.” Our loved ones on the other side give us just enough to let us know they love us and are watching over us, but they do not want to become enablers. Know that they are there and enjoy the signs when you get them.

I once had a lady contact me who said her father was haunting her home. I asked her what was happening and she said, he’s in the refrigerator. Hoping she did not mean that literally, I asked her to explain what she meant. She said when she asked her father a question, the ice maker on the door of the refrigerator would start churning. If it dropped one ice cube it meant his answer was “no” and if two cubes dropped her father was answering “yes” to her question. Sometime, she told me, cubes would drop before she asked a question. She intently asked me what I thought. I told her I thought she should call a repairman to fix her ice maker. I felt badly afterward for giving such a flippant answer, but I was not feeling this was for real, and I was young and a little cocky back then.

Few months later, I heard from the woman again. This time I tried to be as sincere and understanding as possible, and asked her if her father was still sending her signs through the refrigerator. “No,” she responded, “he’s in the toaster now.” WHY did I even bother to ask? Now I didn’t feel so bad about my earlier response.

Spirit signs are meant to reassure us or alert us to a situation in our lives, they are not sent to tell us what to do. We need to make up our own decisions in life. We control where we go and what we do on our life paths. Don’t get carried away with signs. If a client were to ask me why their backyard is filled with birds every day, I would ask, “What kind of bird seed are you putting out?” Not everything is a sign. Rely on your own insight and instincts to get things done. If you start using spirits signs as a life path GPS, you are driving down the wrong road. When you need a good sign from spirit, you’ll get one. Not a minute before.

Our loved ones are always around us—in one form or another. Signs will come, they always do. Stay open to greater possibilities and you’ll start seeing them. Just remember, sometimes a refrigerator is just a refrigerator. Now I’ve got to run. My coffeemaker is calling to me and saying I need more caffeine.