Looking Back and Thinking Forward

While some see the change of years as simply another party, many of us see it as a time to reflect back and ponder what is to come. It’s a great time to refocus our energies to the positive side of things, something we should be doing all year long.

I have heard a lot of people complain that the energy is off this year, that the holidays just didn’t seem as magical. We are only human and the news these days seems to be focused more on the negative than ever. In the greater scheme of things however, everything cycles between positive to negative, back and forth. Life is naturally full of ups and downs. It is which we remember more that defines our life path. Both positive and negative experiences help us grow and learn. That’s why we are here, to grow and learn on a soul level. Everything is part of that long lesson. Everything. Good and bad. Learn from the negative experiences in life and refuel your energy from the positive.

While sometimes we have little control over negatives things that may affect us in life, we do have control over how we perceive those things and what we choose to carry along as baggage. When a bad situation would occur in life, my dad used to say, “This too shall pass.” He was right. Sometimes, we get caught up in small things and make them bigger than they really are. It can be hard to let go, if we feel we have been wronged by someone else, directly or indirectly. Holding onto that kind of energy only keeps a negative experience alive in our hearts and minds. As hard as it is, we all need to learn to let go.

It’s easy to say that one cannot wait to get past the previous year, but when it comes to energy, we can just as easily take all that negative stuff with us. The year does not have to change to make things better, we do.

Instead of remembering all the unpleasant things that happened in our lives over the past year, we should try to refocus those thoughts on the positive things. As great or as small as they may have been.

The picture above reminds me of how good the sitting on the shoreline at the beach makes me feel. From that memory, I start to connect with good times I had with people on those trips and then think about how blessed I am to have those friends in my life. I let my mind drift through other good times with friends over the past year, changing my thoughts to other friends and events. I let this thinking keep going and stop myself if any negative thoughts pop into my stream of consciousness. I refocus back on something positive, create a mental picture postcard in my mind of somewhere I love to be. I focus on that good energy and make it grow.

You can use the same exercise. Remember a place you visited and loved, good times with family, friends, beloved pets, a funny joke someone told that made you laugh, anything that makes you think back and smile. If you lost a loved one this past year, remember all the good times with them and also remember they are still with you in spirit. They want to keep experiencing those good times with you as a passenger in your life’s back seat. Give them a great ride!

Even in the toughest times, we still have angels around us. Not only of the higher form, but those family members, friends and beloved pets who are always there when we need them. People are put in our lives for a reason.

If you think back through 2019, there are pockets of positive energy. One just has to make an effort to push aside all the negativity, understand what the life lessons were, try to learn them and find the light to help you keep moving forward on your life path. It is not always easy, but it can be done.

As we say goodbye to 2019 and welcome 2020, let’s all try to take some of that positive energy along on the journey with us and if you have some to spare, send it to someone you know who may be struggling either physically or emotionally. Reaching out with a text, phone call or even a visit can create more positive healing energy than you imagine!

We are not just students in life, we are teachers as well. The classroom needs some extra positive energy right now and we each can create a lesson plan for 2020 to make that happen.

I want to also take this opportunity to thank all of you who have attended my events, tours, classes and small group channeling sessions.

Wishing You and Yours a Happy and Healthy New Year for 2020!

All the Best, Craig