Ghost Lecture at the River Vale Library
"Is YOUR House Haunted?"

October 2 at 1 PM (Free Lecture)

Many people tell me that they think there may be a ghost in their home. Is it your imagination, or do you really have an unseen guest lurking about? I will be giving a free lecture on this chilling topic at the River Vale Library on October 2nd.

During this presentation, I will be discussing how many older homes (and some newer ones) have resident spirits and, how working as a medium, I go about determining if a house has a "presence" or not. A slide presentation will accompany my lecture featuring some of the many haunts I have investigated over the years. Come join me in River Vale and find out everything you ever wanted to know about ghosts, but were afraid...

The River Vale Free Public 412 River Vale Rd, River Vale, NJ 07675
201-391-2323 | Visit the Library online.

Channeling Dinner at the '76 House

October 8 at 7 PM

Tickets $80 (plus tax and gratuity)

One of America's oldest taverns (built in 1668) the Old '76 House is also one of my favorite places to host a Channeling Dinner. The food is great and the setting is historic, beautiful and haunted. A great venue for a late October event!

A delicious fall buffet dinner will be served which includes a selection of beer and wines. After dinner, I will walk around the room and channel for the group. I cannot channel for every person and do not promise to get to every table, but I will try to read as many energies coming through as I can in the two hours that I will channel after dinner. Channeling is very exhausting and at these larger events, there will always be more spectators than participants. However, you never can tell when your friends or loved ones from the Other Side may be joining you for dinner! I hope you can join me.

Please call the 76 House for tickets at 845-359-5476 | visit them online.

Channeling Dinner in Cape May at the Grange Restaurant Sponsored by Historic Cold Spring Village

October 10 at 7 PM $75 per person

Historic Cold Spring Village is the perfect setting for an October Channeling Dinner. Historic Cold Spring Village (HCSV) is a open air living history museum that invites all visitors to find meaning, pleasure, relevance, and inspiration in the exploration of southern New Jersey's past. The 30-acre Village was founded by Annie and Joe Salvatore who have been saving, relocating and restoring historic buildings to this site over the last 40 years.

The Grange Restaurant, which sits at the head of the village, will be serving a wonderful dinner, followed by me channeling for about two hours. Not everyone is read at these larger events, but energetically, it is a great experience for both spectators and participants. Seating is LIMITED. $75 per person.

For tickets please call: 609-898-2300 Ext 10, Sarah Grady. | Visit HCSV online.

Channeling Dinners in Ipswich, MA

October 17 & 18 at 6PM

I love doing Channeling Dinners at the historic Ipswich Inn B&B. What could be a more perfect setting than one of the oldest towns in New England for a fall Channeling Dinner? Tickets are now on sale. Call Ray the Inn at (978) 356-2431 to purchase tickets for this dinner event. Limited seats available...don't wait!

You can also visit the Ipswich Inn online HERE.

Ghost Tours in Cape May this October with Craig

I will once again be hosting several events in Cape May this October. These include Midnight at the Physick Estate and a walking ghost tour of downtown Cape May, A Walk with the Ghost Writer. What better place to experience ghosts than Cape May, America's most haunted seaside resort!

Tickets are LIMITED for each event.

A Walk with the Ghost Writer $25

  • Friday October 9 at 9 PM
  • Friday October 23 at 6 PM
  • Saturday October 24 at 6 PM & 9 PM
  • (Different routes for each tour!)

Tickets HERE.

MIDNIGHT at the Physick Estate $50
Friday October 23 at 11 PM

Tickets HERE

All of these tours are sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts and Humanities (MAC) and tickets can be purchased online here.

GHOSTLY EVENTS at the Hermitage

October 27-28-29

Last year's Halloween-week events that I hosted at the Hermitage were wildly popular and tickets sold out quickly! This October, I am returning to the Hermitage for three nights of special ghostly events including the frightfully popular "Midnight at the Hermitage." What better setting to spend an evening on Halloween week than the Hermitage! Join me for some hauntingly entertaining evening events at the historic Hermitage in Ho-Ho-Kus.

Event times and ticket sales to be announced in the next few weeks. SAVE THE DATES! more details to follow

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