What will happen during a session?

ChannelingsDuring a typical session, Craig will tell you when he senses a loved one coming through from the Other Side. He will relay information from that person and act as an intermediary in the conversation between you and your loved ones. Upon request during the session, Craig can attempt to bring through a person of particular interest to you, but cannot guarantee everyone you want to hear from will come through in the session. Craig does not control who comes through in a session.

People can be skeptical about things in life, but a closed mind will ruin a channeling session by shutting down the energy. Everything that Craig gets he will relay to you. If some of the information does not make any sense at the time of the reading, it may click into place later.

Sometimes people will suffer from "psychic amnesia" during a session - forgetting all of their friends and loved ones who have passed. Eventually this block clears and names and information start to make sense. Some information may even need to be validated with older relatives who may be more familiar with older generations in the family who have passed. A channeling session can be a great life experience, but it is important to come in and leave with an open mind.

There is more to life than the four walls we see around us. Greater energies exist that are within our reach, if we can only think outside the box. Your friends and loved ones on the Other Side can help you connect with these higher energies and make your life even richer.

Channeling requires tremendous mental concentration and is quite draining for a medium. If you have specific questions to ask, you should let Craig know during the session. Please do not wait until the end of the session to ask questions.

There are certain types of information that will not come through. Craig will not offer medical or legal advice during a channeling session. He is neither a doctor nor a lawyer. Please seek these professionals out should you require that type of expertise. One should never base any major life decisions strictly on information that comes through in a channeling session.

Craig currently does most of his channeling sessions over the phone. We recommend you be in a quiet relaxed atmosphere when you have your session. Turn off the televisions and cell phones. Clearing your mind with some form of prayer or meditation in preparation for your session will help focus your energy.

Think about what questions you have for your guides and loved ones before they come through. We are all connected with our higher Spirit energy. Craig is just the operator helping to complete the call.

Channeling Sessions for 1-10 People

Channeling sessions are held at private homes or other venues for one to ten people. If you want to focus exclusively on your own energy, I suggest doing a one-on-one session or a small group with just family members. Doing a group with all family members helps to focus the energy in one direction, versus having six to ten people who are not related which brings different families and energies into the mix.

During a session, different energies will come through. While I try my best to bring everyone through, some loved ones simply cannot make it. Just as we are busy in our daily lives, our loved ones have lives on the Other Side as well. As a Medium, I try to get as many people through as possible, but it is up to the folks on the Other Side to decide who will come through to communicate. A Medium has only so much energy for one session. I will bring through as many people as I can during a group session, but I may not be able to read for everyone. I am limited by my own energy reserves. I cannot promise to get something for every person in the group, however, you will be either a participant or a spectator during one of my group sessions. Being a spectator can be a great life learning experience as well, since the energies and messages coming through may apply to all present. If you want more about you and your immediate family, keep the group small.

  • A channeling session for 1-6 people is $400
  • A channeling session for 7-10 people is $600
  • The size of the group cannot exceed ten (10) adults
  • A travel charge will apply for sessions done outside of Bergen County, NJ

Channeling sessions are not recommended for children under 16. The group should all be willing participants or at least everyone should be open-minded. Having someone in the group who is a raging skeptic will dampen the energy for everyone. It is best to invite only those who are truly into the channeling experience. Since group sessions are done in person, there is a physical distance limit to how far I can travel to do a group session. Contact my office to find out if I can come to your location. The session should be done in a place that is quiet and without any distractions, like children running about or someone in the next room watching television. It should be somewhere in your home that has comfortable seating for everyone and generates a relaxed environment where we can all focus on the Spirit communications coming through.

Phone Sessions

For those who live outside of Craig's travelling area, he is available for phone sessions. Phone sessions are limited to one or two people per session. The price for a phone session for one or two individuals is $400.

DISCLAIMER: By scheduling an appointment with Craig McManus you are agreeing and understand that Craig is not a medical expert or attorney and cannot give legal advice or medical diagnosis. Craig will not be held responsible for any action or decisions you make pertaining to your life using your free will. Services are not to be used in place of any professional, medical, financial, or legal counseling. Craig is not responsible for any decisions you make as a result of a service with him. Your consultation is subject to your own personal interpretation. Please note that there are no refunds to the buyer once services have already been rendered.

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