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Posted on February 24, 2011

Sometimes group channeling is like standing in the middle of Times Square in New York City directing traffic. Sometimes I even get run over.

My life as a Medium is always taking me down new paths. In my upcoming book, I am going to be detailing the entire journey. I have come a long way since those early days of playing around with Tarot cards, and “ambush channeling” for close friends. What started out as a wild fascination has turned into a lifelong career.

Today, I am channeling more than ever, especially small groups of six to ten people. While this amount of channeling can be draining, it allows positive energies to flow for many people at once. I shied away from group channeling for years. One-on-one private channeling was hard enough. At the time, I could not imagine tangling with the energies of more than one person. Life is a learning curve, however, and sometimes we just can’t see down our own life path. My life journey has now taken me into group work, and I am loving it. Well, most of the time I do. Read on.

When I host a small group, everyone wants their loved ones to come pouring through from the Other Side. Groups of friends and family do come through, but sometimes not as much for everyone. Some people will get more information while others will get less. Group channeling sessions are a place where we all need to check our expectations at the door. The folks on the Other Side control who comes through and who doesn’t. I have higher Guides that I work with, who watch over me and determine how much I can handle. Channeling is draining both physically and mentally. I stress the last part because, unless one has ever channeled, he or she has no idea of what it takes to make the process work.

Imagine yourself inviting friends over for a dinner party. You clean the house, shop for food, cook the meal and then serve and entertain your friends, finally cleaning up after they leave. Exhausting right? What if after you finished cleaning up, you had to go out, shop, and start the process all over again? This is what group channeling is like. Channeling energies for just one living person is like throwing a dinner party. Friends and loved ones start to show up at the “door” and I let them into my head one by one. They all have messages to deliver and I try my best to read each separate Spirit’s energy coming through.

I was self-trained to channel one-on-one, so channeling for more than one person is quite a challenge. Group channeling is an intense process. When the energy starts flowing it is difficult to stop. Think of emails. You see new messages and typically you read them. I do the same with channeled information, but quite often the emails flow in faster than I can open them. My brain has to keep up with what the Spirits are saying, repeat the information to the client, and then help the client make sense of it all. Imagine me with a group, merrily delivering all the Spirit messages to someone here, when suddenly I hear those dreaded words, “What about me?

My “dinner party” is suddenly interrupted and it’s time to check a different “inbox”.

“Me, me, me!”  The rants continue, me being constantly reminded that I’m channeling for a group and not one person. In the middle of my nice, warm and cozy dinner party, I have to throw the guests out and start all over again. Now I move to the next person in my group, and check their inbox for messages, and invite all of their friends and family from the Other Side to my “table.” But wait…the first group has not completely left the party. There are still stragglers lurking in the shadows delivering even more messages to their friends and loved ones here! I tell them they missed their turn, but they are not listening. Then it happens again. “What about ME?” Another voice calls out from the group. So I shift my psychic focus once again, drop all the previous Spirit guests, and move on to the next person.

NOTE: This is why I limit my groups to ten people. By the time I get to the end of a group channeling, several hours later, I feel like gum under the tire of a car—a moving car—squishing a little more with each turn. I am mentally shot, but no matter how exhausted I am or how long I have been channeling, there is always one in every crowd who says, “But you didn’t get anything for me?” That’s the moment I reflect back on thirty tough years in retail, and retail starts to look good.

Mind you, the folks on the Other Side are not the ones beating me up. The living take care of that all by themselves. When loved ones come through and hang around too long, and I need to move on to the next person, they usually step aside and let a new group in. My Spirit Guides also realize when I am getting tired. They let the people delivering messages know when to back off. It’s the living who have a problem with closure. This is also a reason why I do not do the “psychic chiropractor” thing. I will channel for someone once a year, but I do not want clients coming to me every week for a psychic adjustment. We need to learn to do things for ourselves and our friends in Heaven guide, they do not decide. We need to make up our own minds and be responsible for our life choices.

I admit losing someone is very hard. I just lost my Mom, my Dad and my dog within the last eight months. I can’t channel for myself, but my loved ones do come to me in dreams. I always wake up feeling happy to have made the connection, but sad that the experience is over. However, I know I can’t become dependent on friends and family on the Other Side to hold my hand 24/7.  A channeling session can be life changing, but once the connection is made, it is up to each person to use that guidance and energy to help fulfill his or her life journey. The connection is always there, with or without a Medium present. Mediums help the communication flow. We always have higher guides watching, but we cannot rely on our friends on the Other Side to do our work here for us. That would be cheating! Making the connection and maintaining a link to a higher energy will help you in many areas of your life.

Making the connection to a higher energy can also apply to an entire group, as in a group channeling. When you attend one of my groups, you will experience energies coming through from many sources. The Spirits not only connect with us, they send messages and advice. While some of this information can be quite specific and meant for one person, the entire group can consume other bits of advice. Life lessons can be learned using some of the information that channels through.

As I mentioned above, a Medium has no control over who shows up for a channeling session from the Other Side. If a loved one does not show up at a session, it doesn’t mean they don’t love you anymore. There are times when so many Spirits are trying to get through that some of our loved ones back off and let others speak. There are other times when I am told a loved one is unavailable. No reason given. Once again, think in terms of a group channeling as the dinner party. You decide to have a party, invite a bunch of friends, and ultimately a few friends cannot make it. This is life here and on the Other Side. People are busy. Throwing out a psychic lasso is not an option.

One of the more amusing things that happens in a session is someone comes through who was not close to my client or was a friend of the family. I cringe when I hear a client say, “I don’t want to talk to them…I hated them!” The very reason the Spirit is coming through is to talk to that person. The connection is important, and the messages are equally important. Don’t shoot the spiritual messenger!

Here’s an example. Let’s say you have an aunt that you strongly disliked. During your channeling session, this same aunt shows up with messages, but you do not want to hear from her—at all. She leaves out of respect and the messages are lost. Another aunt, whom you loved dearly, does not show up. Maybe that aunt could not make it and she wanted to let you know via a message she sent with the aunt you did not like. I am always amazed at how many times people refuse to forgive someone who has died. At some point, we should all consider letting go of negative energies and moving on. Some people do some horrible things to others while they are alive. Some of those same people come through in a channeling, asking for forgiveness. One might want to think about forgiving them or at least listening to what he or she has to say. You never know.

Loved ones, hated ones, surprise visits from long lost friends—channeling sessions can be very emotional for many clients. The Other Side can become emotional as well. I have experienced many loved ones from Heaven getting teary eyed while reconnecting with their friends here on the Earth. A channeling session can become a sea of emotional energy—and guess who gets caught in the middle of the emotional tug of war? Me.

A Medium is one who is in the middle of a communication. When I channel, I can feel all of the energy coming from the Other Side and going back to the Other Side. The information that comes through in a session is delivered to my mind as pictures and thoughts. I will see someone or hear them speaking, like you would experience in a daydream. It’s all happening in my mind’s eye. The information comes in fast and furious once it starts flowing. You wonder what that feels like you say?

Picture yourself at your dinner party. You have just prepared all of the food and are ready to serve it. Everyone is seated, waiting to eat. There is only one catch. You will be serving food while standing in rough surf—in the ocean.

In this scenario, your dining room table is now in the tide, and you have to keep your footing while balancing the plates you are bringing to the table. Back and forth…back and forth goes the surf, pulling you in all different directions at once. Did I mention maintaining a conversation with everyone at the table at the same time?

Heaven is the kitchen. The food coming out is spiritual guidance. I am the waiter, and my clients are the guests at the table. I bring the food (messages) to the table. I do not prepare it. I am just the waiter. You get your plate, examine the contents, and decide whether you will eat it or leave it for something better. I make a lot of trips to the kitchen.

Bringing information to each person, with all of the emotional baggage tripping me along the way, is a lot of work. It is truly like walking through rough surf. I love what I do, don’t get me wrong. It’s just hard work and the worst part is, that work is mentally draining. All those personalities and emotions flowing through me over a two or three hour period is like running a triathlon.

Some people will say to me, “Craig, why don’t you just focus on one person at a time for so many minutes each?” You try telling that to your gabby Aunt Lou on the Other Side who just won’t take “go” for an answer! When you are a Medium, you go with the flow. I don’t decide who comes through. They do. That is all orchestrated from the Other Side. Remember, I am just the waiter. I go to the kitchen, pick up the food and deliver it to your table. Some people just seem to order more food than others. When information comes through for someone in the group, I deliver it.

It is important to pay attention to everything that comes through in a channeling. So many people are fixated on hearing from a certain loved one that they miss everything else coming through in a session. When they don’t hear from who they expected, they are disappointed. But this is not what a channeling session should be about. It is about the connection and the messages that did come through. Those messages might apply to a few people or everyone in the group. The experience of witnessing a channeling session is very special. It can lift us up spiritually, and open our minds to bigger and better things. During a channeling, we can connect with our own “higher self” as well. We all have a greater consciousness that exists outside the physical body, we just have to think outside the box and look past the four walls around us to see it. Channeling helps us connect to higher places and ideas.

At the end of the day, or session, I realize all the wear and tear is worth it. Channeling is not easy, but it helps a lot of people. While I may moan and groan a bit, I never have second thoughts about channeling. It’s a gift I have been given that I am supposed to use. The whole point of this blog, or rather, rant, is to let you see channeling from a Medium’s point of view.

So should you find yourself participating in a channeling session, have mercy on the Medium. No matter who it is. The overall experience of the session is what is important. When you attend one of my group sessions, you are either a participant or a spectator. Neither of us will know for sure until the session is over. You are all at that session for a reason. You are there to hear and experience the channeled information. Even if the information is not coming through from your relative or loved one, it can help you with your life as well. Think of it as “second hand psychic energy.” Just by being there you absorb something positive, and either way, it’s worth the trip.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to the kitchen before the food gets cold. Another day, another dinner party. Hope to see you soon.

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