Paranormal Activity Right in Your Own Home

Posted on August 27, 2010

With all the hype from last year’s Paranormal Activity movie, and Paranormal Activity 2 opening on October 22, you would think ghosts in someone’s house is a brand new phenomenon. The fact is, many people have ghosts and do not even know it and just as many think they have a ghost, but in reality there is not a specter to be found. We all love a good, old-fashioned scare at the movies, but with so many people asking me if this could happen to them, I thought we could all use a little “reality check” for our current paranormal situation.

I give a lot of credit to the people who created Paranormal Activity as it was one of the most successful movies of all time and did scare the pants off more than a few people. The people behind the movie chose to create a “demonic entity” instead of a ghost doing the haunting, to really turn up the scare. I have never been a big fan of movies that play up evil in control. As a “light worker” I feel part of my gift as a psychic medium is to help people understand that most of what goes bump in the night is either benevolent or their imagination running wild.

Hauntings are usually very subtle, and many people who live with a ghost rarely know it. From time to time, a ghost may make its presence known to the living. Cold spots, phantom footsteps, shadowy showings, and a few bumps in the night may be calling cards for your typically quite, dead housemates, but this type of activity is usually well spaced apart. Of course, all of these signs may turn out to be ordinary, explainable things, like squirrels in the attic or a loose shutter. However, sometimes those bumps in the night turn out to be something unexplainable, in that case you might just have a ghost.

Much to the disappointment of those who have been running from movie theaters to their cars and sleeping with the lights lit, 99.9% of hauntings are benevolent. What scares the heck out of many, when it comes to ghosts, is the fact that we do not have control over what they are doing. Or do we?

If you have read my books you know that one of the most important things I stress about hauntings is that the ghosts are typically trying to resolve some internal drama or conflict. They only start to bug the living when we get in their face, or more aptly, their space. Ever have a bad day and someone just walks into you at just the wrong moment? Well, ghosts were people too and they have the same feelings and ranges of emotions they had when they were alive. You can have a happy ghost or a sad ghost or both. The signs and symptoms of a haunting may point to a ghost’s mood.

Then there is that rather disturbing notion of ghosts talking to us in our sleep. It is bad enough to be awakened in the middle of the night by something lurking around your room, but what about having a conversation or better and argument with someone you do not recognize…while you dream. Ghosts do and will communicate with us in our sleep, and other than possibly sending us into an adrenaline-state of waking panic, they are not going to harm us. It is more likely we will harm ourselves by falling out of bed. Ghosts are not out to scare us. We just happen to get in their way sometimes. In most instances they will move away from us and not interact. We may sense or feel their icy or warm presence, but they will generally make limited contact. It is our wonderfully human over-active imaginations that tend to play the biggest role in many “hauntings.” The ghosts must have quite a few laughs at our neurotic “check under the bed” mentality.

There are negative entities in the paranormal world  just like there are negative people in the living world. Personalities survive death. A mean man will usually make a mean ghost. Likewise a nice guy will make a nice ghost. It is important to remember that we have people around us in life to help protect from those negative types. We also have Higher Spirit Guides to help protect us from similar energies bleeding through into our world from the Other Side.

For those like me who are intuitive, you may have to learn how to ask your Higher Guides for protection. Ghosts will recognize and sometimes seek out those who have the psychic or mediumistic gift. While the gift is not returnable, a person can learn to turn it on and off.  If you have been experiencing some paranormal activity of your own at night while you sleep, I suggest you learn how to protect yourself before you go to bed. Ask you Higher Guides to help you stay protected as you sleep. It worked for me. You may not be able to stop being psychic, but you can certainly learn to control the urges to throw out psychic lines.

If you have a ghost, learn to coexist peacefully. If you have a ghost with some negative energy, call in Higher Guides to help move the energy away from you. Everybody has a bad day, ghosts included. If you should wind up with some paranormal activity that is too much to handle, don’t panic, there are plenty of sources of help.

Most importantly, leave the movie ghosts—at the theater, and remember to do a reality check on your way home. Your ghosts will thank you, and you will sleep a lot better at night.

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